Imagine having a fifth Sunday every month at your church.

Earlier this year, an ACS Technologies client stated, "For us, having Online Giving within Access ACS is like having five Sundays every month."

Five Sundays White PaperThat’s the equivalent of having 64 revenue weeks vs. 52 revenue weeks each year– what would that kind of extra revenue mean to the ministries in YOUR organization? Would you be able to send more funds to relief organizations or missionaries throughout the world? Help more people in your community? Pay down organizational debt at a faster rate? Whatever your goals, Online Giving within Access ACS can help you get there in a quicker, more efficient way.

What is Online Giving?

Online giving includes all of the money flowing from the church Web site to the church. This includes recurring gifts, one-time gifts, contributions from members as well as non-members, and event payments.

Explore this site to see how others are using Online Giving and get started.