No longer "Why" but "Why aren't you"

4 Reasons why:

Most people don't write checks anymore except to the church. Why not make it easier on them by enabling them to give how and when they want.

Make it easier for them by providing easy one-time payments along with the option to set up recurring payments for the things they want to give to.

No more waiting until Sunday, writing checks and filling envelopes. It even works for those that don't attend your church but still want to give.

If you use credits cards, you gather points, if you're sick or on vacation you can still give.

Online Giving Snapshot from 200-2008

Growth in online giving

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently found:

80% of donors have made a gift online

A little over half preferred to use the Internet for donations

46% expect to complete a greater share of their charitable gifts via online giving in the future

92% wanted year end receipts electronically

74% found email explaining how donations are being spent helpful